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Video Signal Generator: Shibasoku
TG4000 4K Test Signal Generator
TG4000 4K TEST SIGNAL GENERATOR : Shibasoku TG4000 is a 4K(3840x2160p and 4096x2160p)) Test Signal Generator. 4K Signal is composed of four(4) 3G-SDI(1920x1080p and 2048x1080p) output signals.
It is the best equipment for evaluation of 4K systems including codec and 4K professional equipments using natural picture output, video scrolling, video level adjustment and colorimetric changing functions.
Also it is the best equipment for checking in broadcast operation using independent three 4K signal outputs, Sync output, Gen Lock function and Logo/Marker superimpose functions.
4K(3840x2160p and 4096x2160p)) Signal is composed of four(4) 3G-SDI output signals.
Main output for several test signals, exclusive Color Bar output and exclusive Black output are equipped independently.
Sync Signal (BB/Tri-SYNC/Audio word clock) can be output. (option)
Square division and 2-sample interleave division sample structures are selectable.
Gen Lock function (BB/Tri-SYNC/CW 10MHz) is equipped.
Video scroll is selectable vertically, horizontally and diagonally with required/selectable speed.
Natural picture can be output, also the pictures made by customers can be output.
4K Mono-scope Chart and Natural picture are installed as standard.
Video level variable function is equipped.
Logo (BMP, Floating object) and Marker can be superimposed on the video signals.
Embedded audio corresponds to the sampling frequency of 48KHz, and audio output channel corresponds to 16 ch (at level A) and 32 ch (at level B).
Lip Sync check signal can be output combined with video bounce function. (It’s useful)
Colorimetric for Rec. ITU-R BT.2020/BT.709 is selectable.
Alarm (Contact) and Remote (Contact, LAN, RS232C) are equipped as standard.
Height is 2U size and mountable into 19 inch rack.
Examples for Test signal
Examples for Test signal

Gen Lock Option(BB/Tri-SYNC/Audio word clock) has 10 BNC Outputs with phase adjustable function
Rack mount kit

4K Signal Output Sample Structure
a) Square division
Square division
b) 2-sample interleave division
2-sample interleave division

a) Video Scroll
Each Division is switchable between on and off, and different direction scrolls can be done independently in upper/down, left/right portions. (at Square division)
Video Scroll
b) Colorimetric
Different colorimetric can be displayed on the upper and down portion of the output video
c) Logo/Marker superimpose
Logo/Marker superimpose

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