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 Easily remove the Hum noise


The HumEater is for solving the trouble of inductive hum and noise interfering in video signal, which occurs due to potential difference in earth grounding. The way to use the Humeater is very simple; just insert it into the coaxial cable which causes the trouble. No power source is required, and no equipment trouble will occur as it is a passive circuitry. Of course, as it will not become the cause of deterioration in DG and DP, it can used freely at any place.

Example of usage

Insert the HumEater in the cables which become the cause of interference, such as in the case of connecting the following equipment, mutually : terminal station, studio, master control room, equipment room, including outside broadcast van, VTR van, microwave pickup equipment and monitor cable extended over a long distance

Connection image

Since it has become in effect with no circuit configuration for the DC component, it can be used also in the DC power supply surveillance camera system via a coaxial cable.


HE-89 HE-890
Impedance/Connector 75 ohm / BNC 75 ohm / BNC
No. of circui 1 10
Insertion loss Less than 0.2 dB Less than 0.2 dB
Dimensions(mm) 100(H) x 55(D) x 166(H) EIA 482(H) x 384(D) x 132.2(H)
JIS 482(H) x 384(D) x 149(H)
Weight(kg) 1.7 28.5


Frequency response (dB)

10MHz -0.6dB  
20MHz -1.02dB
30MHz -1.25dB

Improvement rate of Hum (dB)

10Hz 26.0dB  
50Hz 33.0dB
100Hz 32.0dB

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